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BBQ Skins is the brainchild of Heimi and Marco. The couple saw a gap in the market for a product that would not only save a barbeque's life span, but allow their customers to spend more time enjoying family and friends, and less time cleaning up afterward.

BBQ Skins is a product that is effortless to install, easy to clean and recycle and most of all saves time and money.

The skins are 6 x thicker than normal all foil thus allowing you to clean and re-use several times. The skins fits perfectly into the belly of your barbecue and has no crinkles and voids to allow for fat build-up. Once dirty, you simply remove, rinse or replace.

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Our product is new and a practical solution to keeping your barbeque clean. Our customers love the convenience of our foils that are patented worldwide. We are constantly designing and working on new models to add to our range.


BBQ Skins, the premier BBQ bowl foils skin from Brisbane, Australia, is where innovation meets value. Since 2020 we’ve provided our customers with a solution on how to simplify the typical BBQ experience.

With our extensive inventory, we have a continuous flow of demand for our product. Our buyers scour the internet for solutions on keeping your BBQ bowl clean. The result is options you just can’t find anywhere else. We are consistently trying to add products to our models, let us know if you would like to have your BBQ model added to our range.

Patent Design Number 202212134

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